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Wiki Tools

Page history last edited by Jenni Parker 13 years, 9 months ago

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Links to wiki tools

Tool Name Date Contributor Comments
PBworks 06/05/2009  jennip This site is a PBwiki however I haven't had time to explore the range of tools & add formatting to the site yet. 
WikiEducator  06/05/2009  jennip Wikieducator provides a free 10 day online course for new users (1hr per day). My jennip user page created during this course is an example of what you can do with wikieducator after only 10hrs.
WikiSpaces  06/05/2009  jennip This was my first experience using wikis and I found it a very easy tool to use. I was able to create a memorial site about my Mother without any lessons or previous experience. 


Links to pages with information about wikis


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